Sunday, August 18, 2013

The Happiest Court on Earth

A family court judge in Arizona recently found the best way to deal with an ex-husband who opposed his ex-wife's request to take their children out of the state to Disneyland. Parents who have joint custody over children often are required to get the other parent's permission to take the children out of state. It seems that for this family in Arizona, the judge was wanting to send quite a message about putting the best interests of the child first, instead of petty fighting among parents. 

In granting the mother's request, the judge wrote "The Court cannot think of any good reason why any parent would refuse to agree in writing for his or her children to go to Disneyland... If in fact Father had refused Mother's travel requests, then Father's refusal for the sake of refusal is nothing more than a Mickey Mouse litigation tactic, and just plain Goofy." Well said, Judge!


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